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If I could wake up in your arms one day,
 I would forgive all the nights that made me sad. 
 If I could feel your mouth over my lips again, 
I'd know I haven't lived so many years in vain - Waiting for you to come here.

  If you could stay with me, 
All days would be long summer days.
 If I could see you coming, 
My life would take on color.
My heart would turn red, 
My cells would catch fire...
I would be fine again. 

 I would like to smile without feeling pain,
 I would like to rise without falling into the void.
  I would like to one day 
Wake up in a better world, 
Being close to your feelings, lips and chest.


  • Jun 04, 2021

  • nice ma'am...

    Jun 04, 2021

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