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You left me behind,
 I still carry you with me wherever I go.  
You don't talk to me, 
But I still hear you talking
 In my head - sometimes.

  You took your hand out of my hand and left.
I remained silent... but never completely -
 As I once was.  

You took me to high peaks,
 I can't get there alone - with anyone.
  You kept my eyes on you,
 I felt like time was on my side - having you.

Rains will come, 
But they will not wipe 
Your sweet kisses off my shoulders.

 Better days will come, 
But they will not be able to bring you
 Back into my heartbeat.

 It will be harder for me,
 But I kept you through my memories.
  It will be easy for me,
 When I will dream of you as if it could be real.


  • Jun 04, 2021

  • very nice ma'am...

    Jun 04, 2021

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