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Seems like I just can't sleep 
In these hot nights
Never 1 to count sheep
But something just ain't right

Been sick as hell
Dealing with covid-19 
I just want to get well
Somebody tell me this a dream

I'm stuck on repeat
In this vicious spin cycle
SICK in this MS heat
Got me feeling like a line backer

Clearing the line
Moving everything OUT MY way
Can't keep up with TIME
Long nights to short days

I'm so damn tired 
My mind is wired 
Body's hot as fire
This fever has to expire

Taking these pills
My mind won't turn off
Watching tv and chill
Still have a continuous cough

Quarantine all week
Weak as hell
Going into another week
Feels like I'm in hell

Aching and shivering 
Pissing when I cough
Ain't no fibbing 
I fell off


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