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My end is near.
I can't deny it. 
 My blood will spill.  
I will be dead but somehow
 I will move freely.

 I will let my life go on, 
Death will hold my breath.  
The lungs will not move, 
But their lives will run behind my back. 

 I was good,
 I was a bad man.
 All I know is that I tried
 To be happy many times. 

 I left tears for others,
 I left smiles.
I left words in poems, 
Poems on their lips
 Without writing my name there.

  The end of life, 
The beginning of eternity.
Many thought I was their property,
  But my life never belonged to me.  
This world is just a scam. 

 A beautiful dream from which
 We must wake up in time.
My end is near.
I can't deny it. 
I will be dead soon.


  • Jun 04, 2021

  • superb poetry ma'am...

    Jun 04, 2021

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