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People get life twisted
Looking for a hand out
This shit is ballistic 
Making a bitch pout

Mad as hell
Keeping my gun cock
I'm not trying to go to jail
But I'll knock your ass out

Bring stress and pressure on me
You didn't give a damn if I ate or
Where I sleep
As long as you were free

All you wanted was fame 
Money and cars
BIHHH you lame
You're not a star

Even if you had the clout
You're just chasing a dream
Stunting like you're on and not
Controlled by a team

The elite or the masses
They don't tell you all
About the strict shit in the middle 
They just let you fall

Shit you can't tell
Cause they'll bury you
Or put your ass in jail
Fuck loyalty none of that shit's true

Once you beat them at their game
Then they lie and tell others 
Your ass is insane 
Competing against each other

Wake your ass up fool
Before it's too late
Having you scared to move
Feeling like you're bait

Picking us off 1 by 1
Grimm Reaper steadily riding 
Don't let it be you son
These people are conniving 

When you tell them No 
All day long
The elite don't think so
That's why I keep my gun...


  • Jun 04, 2021

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