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I have to fight my thoughts, 
Not to think about you all day long. 
 I have to fight with my heart, 
Not to feel love, longing, emotions
 And broken heartbeats inside 
My broken pieces of flesh, memories.
Soulless now! I want to be selfish!

  I have to fight my sadness,
 I often sigh even if I smile at others.
  I have to fight the bad weather, 
I have to fight myself... 
 It will be a long battle. 

 I hope I will be the winner.
  I have to fight with my mind, 
It's the ghost that steals
 My calm and laughter.
It's hard for me to recover.
I'm overwhelmed. I am other now.

  I have wounds and scars under my skin. 
 I have to fight with my dreams, 
Because they bring me closer to you.
  The one I want to forget.
Please leave me alone.


  • Jun 03, 2021

  • very nice ma'am

    Jun 03, 2021

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