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I remember the times,
All the moments of loneliness,
Before there was me and you.

Long lonely days,
Nights just me and the TV,
Waking up
Turning around
And there is no one there.

Every journey I made alone,
No one to talk to,
Chasing romances that would end,
And the destiny that lead
For us to meet again
To fall in love
To the days leading to us
And all the days that passed
Finally with you at last
All of the love and joy
Each day filled with fun
Every moment enchanting.

I closed my eyes,
I saw you in my mind,
I can still picture your face,
How could I forget,
Your beauty is forever in my memory,
And you are forever in my heart.

Maybe me and you was meant to be
For we were drawn together
Tangled up with love and romance
Thank you for the chance
The chance to be happy
The chance to find love
The chance to be with you.



  • Jun 02, 2021

  • superbly written sir....

    Jun 02, 2021

  • Jun 02, 2021

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