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When you have my heart
Always remember that part
Even when I'm not there
In your presence or sight 
BOY all you have to do
Is do me right
Too many have gone through
Life's cycle of ups and down
Playing with my emotions
Some shit made me frown
Clock steady ticking
Can't turn this time back 
You busy tricking 
But I'm not showing slack
Dont try to use me
Be honest from the start
Sometimes just let me be 
When I'm in misery
Been grieving for a while now
Trying to get past this pain 
But I don't know how
They hollering let it go
But you didn't go thru this shit
You really don't want to know
So much pressure I left the pulpit
They saying its just a test 
Then you test someone else 
Cause I can't give you my best
Now I'm all about self
Been hurt to many times
That's just the way it is
Always telling you what's on my mind 
And exactly how I feel


  • Jun 02, 2021

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