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We all go through things in life. No matter the race, creed, age or religious background. Some seem to go through more than others. In the diversity of today's society and culture; life as we know is always subject to change. I've lived in Mississippi for all my life. Seems as if everyone around me has used MEANS quite frankly; I don't have nothing left to give. You can tell people no but their IGNORANCE REFUSE to except the answer. After believing God for the same promise that you have stole, and STALKED me for; I could CARELESS about chasing a dream. My dream is already accomplished and I'm complacent.  I'm a nurse.  Minding my own business. Working on days that God allows me to go; while being stalked by narcissist and HARASSED by USER'S.  The thing is if I  tell you I'm not doing something, you can bank on it. The Scorpio or the future SELF in me has seen the snake in YOU all. Being underhanded, sneaky, manipulative and abusive people only love you; when it benefits them. When they no longer need you; consider it as being thrown under the bus and left for DEAD. I was cursed in the church by my leader whom failed me. Then after God healed me I became a church prostitute. I had more pulpit pimps than any street whore. No it wasn't sexually but when you tell Jakes, White, Osteen, Myers, Duplantis, Dollar, Murphy, Sapp, Pugh, Bloomer,  Pothier and Bryant no; you might as well been saying yes. Spiritual rape with no means of escape. Others knew and looked on. Only because of what would this promise and their investment as to how it benefited them. When those tables turned....
These same pastors/leaders might as well exchange the collar for a CRYSTAL BALL. My phone was bugged, social media accounts,  stalked from my jobs, to church, restaurants, state to state and house yo house. Total invasion of privacy with no respect for me or my life..I was blocked from marriage, having kids of my own and lost my parents in the same mess. Millions watched me lose everything while they lived off of me. No consent but YET they thought it was pleasurable for me and my family to suffer at their hands. You wonder why I left church? 


  • Jun 01, 2021

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