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Both body to body, darling
Lost in the dance that unites us
I feel your fingers on my body
Drawn from such beautiful chords.

That I almost believe I'm dying
Both of us body to body darling
When for me your kisses are treasures
My whole body is distraught.

My reason seems lost
Yet I still say it
At the call of your voice
My heart beats.

Awakening our desires
There will be only one law for me
To go and obey you
Both body to body, darling.

Everything in me calls for you
For this night will be night
Where love can't end
Both body to body.

Everything in the me calls to you
For this night will be the night
Where love can't end
You made my life a summer.

Always sunny
Of happiness that you know is sweet
To you my chained one
I can only love you.


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