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I've been an Lil peep, Lil tracy and ghostemane copy-gimmick 
And boring comedy-records for sad emo trap-rap, parasites crawling on my tongue
And same words spun in my mouth, like
"Don't worry 'bout me", lifeless twin-spiders, hung to death by their own sticky, Labyrinth-web Silk 
"Make me numb and dumb, i'm going numb and dumb" , long carpet centipede-blankets wrapped around me, taking hopey-oxygen full of light away
"I'll end up like lil peep and i'm dead at 21" a suicidal Flock of lemmings, running Off the cliff 
together with those stupid ad-lips "aye, yuhh, yo, woo" 
Etc. Bla bla bla 
Loud, attentive whory Chicken 

Funny how i was ranting 'bout drugs, when i never literally put them into the well on and of my face, below my nose and above my chin
Hilarious how i labelled Xanax as my candy, when i really only Stain and paint white hard Marshmallows with sweets like the kids do
Really a dumb Thing how i acted as if Marilyn manson was my real life-lover and boo
(Friend, bro, mate, homie, boyfriend, husband, partner) 
When All the things are just imaginary that he do
No, we never fucked or made out, 
no, he never protected me, 'cause we never ever even communicated in any way at a meet and greet 
It's impossible that he ever gave me personally any advice in anything

But suicide, that topic was true 
The negativity about my father, that topic was true 
Cutting my skin with a razor, that topic was true 
It all happened in 2019, yeah, sadly it's true. 


  • very good

    Aug 14, 2021

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