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My life begins at night.  
When I start dreaming, 
The city turns on the lights.

  I close my eyes to put my worries aside. 
 I'm fine!
 I leave the phone on the table,
 I don't want to read the messages you sent me. 

 It's two o'clock in the morning. 
 I am not tired. 
 The days make me tired. 

 Like a cigarette smoke 
I cling to the window to let myself 
Be carried away by the cold wind.  

Oh, it's already late. 
 Another day has begun
 And I need to wake up,
But I want to dream.
This is how my life begins...
Dreaming more.


  • May 31, 2021

  • Jun 01, 2021

  • Jun 01, 2021

  • amazing as always ma'am...😊

    Jun 01, 2021

  • great hands

    Jun 01, 2021

  • Good read, good poetry 😊👍👌🐝

    Jun 02, 2021

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