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Left in battle by the marage of soldiers 

I’ve swore that I can stand alone

But I know that’s not how I’ve been sown 

Im talking to myself and all the hungry horns

The floor is just the ceiling 

My fate was sealed 

My correction is my own

No one to call my home

The future is my past

I can’t escape these walls

Anger fuels my spirit

Smoke and mirrors to distract me

I feel the agony 

Subconscious ensuring that I don’t cope

Making sure I never forget a rope

Memories are like heaven and hell on earth

Differences make sure that both hold hurt

Circumstances ensure that I don’t hold worth

Salvation making sure that my hand is held burnt

Pleading with what I’ve learned has disappeared 

Into numb is where I’ve steered

Unaccepting so I am decompressing 

Empty then I want out of my bottle

I can’t handle to be refilled. 

Security lacks deep within me

The wound is deep and beyond repair

If I share then I’ll leave behind despair

Confusion causing contusions

I can’t help to see my self start falling

Further into the catacombs 

As I lose all that I wish to follow

Swallowed by the world

No escape but tomorrow


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