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                                            Well I have finally got the right courage to not only talk to my dad through text messaging but I had actually talked to my real dad on the phone for at an hour if not longer which was the very first time that we had spoken to each other in my whole 38 years of my life, but that was probably the easiest part the hardest is yet to come but I can tell you one thing for sure is that day of where I finally get to meet my real dad face to face at the family reunion which is also going to be my very first family reunion on my dad's side of the family which is quickly approaching fast for its only a couple of weeks away. I've got very mixed emotions going on about meeting him for the first time I've got a million questions running through my troubled mind ever since I had spoken with my dad and letting him know that I am going to be at the family reunion to meet him and after the reunion my dad and my husband and me are going to go back to my dad's hotel room since he is just here visiting for a short time so my dad and I had decided that after the reunion we go back to his motel room and hangout and hopefully get to know one another and hopefully from there that our father daughter relationship will continue to grow from there into something strong and very special bond that a father and his daughter should have in their lives well wish me luck for I have finally got the courage up to meet my real dad for the very first time of my 38 years of my 

                                             WRITTEN BY: DONNA RUTTENBUR 
                                                 WRITTEN ON: MAY 23,2021  


  • May 31, 2021

  • Anabia ali

    Anabia Ali

    This is s amazing

    Dec 16, 2021

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