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Sometimes I wish I had blue eyes,
I wish I could speak as well as I write,
I wish I was nicer, someone people liked,
I wish I could live a happier life.

I wish my waist was bigger,
I wish my head was thinner,
I wish I liked myself more,
And I wish I wasn't so bitter.

I wish I had straight teeth,
I wish I had larger feet,
I wish my arms were bigger, so I wouldn't look so weak.

I wish I loved myself, 
Wish I knew how to ask for help,
I wish I could make my mother smile,
And that I wasn't such an ungrateful child.

I wish that I had better grades,
I wish that I had gotten straight A's,
I wish I could wish my problems away,
I wish I could pretend to be okay.

I wish I could write an upbeat song,
I wish I felt like I belonged,
I wish I were emotionally strong,
And I wish I hadn't come out wrong.


  • Lilith Of germany

    Lilith Of Germany

    hey, is your writersoutlet strange too after you updated it? because, i went to our chat, but couldn't see anything. Our conversation disappeared. I wanted to check if you answered me so i could reply back. I tried messaging you anyway, but even that message didn't appear in the chat then. As if it was never sent. You noticed such a thing too? also, i'll rate the poem: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ once again, very relatable. Thank you for sharing your art. It makes some people feel less alone.

    Jun 01, 2021

  • superb ma'am...

    Jun 01, 2021

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