With Or Without You!! Read Count : 52

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My prayers always  start with you,
My blessings are attached to you too.
Without you my sun don't shine so bright,
With you my spirit don't have to fight.
I don't want to succeed if I can't share it with you.
Without you my sanity is a distant memory.
Without you my sadness is on another level
With you my joy is undeniable.
With you I know I've found my biblical good thing.
With you my heart has found a new song to sing.
When I'm with you the angels in heaven are elated So I know "WE" were divinely created.
I love you with everything left over from loving God
With you life don't feel so odd
I'll love till I get to heaven's gate
With you i know the definition of fate.
With you I have found favor.
You're the flavor I savor.
Without you my heart will never rest
With you versus other women
There is no contest.
Because Puddin
To me you are the best.


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