End Of An Era Read Count : 50

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure
Staff Officer Black, having survived and gotten out of his precarious situation, overheard Red's true wish, and confronts Commander Red on it, claiming that it was a selfish goal that had nothing to do with the Red Ribbon Army. Commander Red would justify that the wish will not only make him grander, but also at the same time make his army larger, citing that Black doesn't understand his plans. Black would then tell him that Red's lame plan is going to get the entire army killed for nothing. Red would then states that he is the Red Ribbon Army, and that his wish to become taller is for the good of everyone in the army, citing that he had to spend most of his life being a pebble in a land of giants, growing sick of having his genius being confined in a minuscule body. Black had denounced him as having no loyalty, exclaiming that the Commander sold him out to satisfy his vanity. Red would then cite that Black will never become leader in this life because he is just a lackey and an errand boy, citing such station to be pathetic for a man in this day and age. Black had retaliated by ending the Commander's life, shooting him in the head while addressing his plans to have the Red Ribbon Army ushered into an era of greatness to make up Red's squandering of power, with his first order of business being the conquest of this planet. Kale, revealing that he had survived, is then extended an invitation to join the Red Ribbon Army by Black, which he had planned to rename theBlack Ribbon Army, but Kale refuses, and they do battle once more. With just Staff Officer Black and few soldiers left, the odds are favored for Kale, but the diabolical Staff Officer has a few tricks up his sleeve. As the newly risen Commander Black and Kale go head to head, the remaining members of the Red Ribbon Army was running for their lives and completely desert the base. Using his Battle Jacket (a gigantic robot that can be controlled from within), Commander Black would seem to have the upper hand.However, Kale’s incredible strength proves to be too much for Commander Black, so Black had attempted to escape. Kale will not let him get away this time as he would break through the Battle Jacket with his powered-up fist, which would explode in midair, killing Black. Theinfamous Red Ribbon Army had failed as Kale had recovered two more Dragon Balls giving him a total of six. He is only one Dragon Ball away from getting his immortality. The Red Ribbon Army had weapons, firepower, and resources, but Kale had managed to kill them. "Only one more to go, until I grant my wish." Kale had said and flew into the direction of the running soliders before eradicating them.


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