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 I heard yelling outside my door one spring day.
I lay in my bed crying,
Desperately trying to escape from this house of hate.
Is this all my fault,
I contemplate as I lay awake?
I was six.

I loathed all the things my dad had done.
All he caused was pain,
And no fun.
I think about all the cheerful families,
Longing mine could be like them.
I had given up on hope,
And said true love is a joke.
All I wanted was to be happy.
I was six.

I would tell my friends the truth,
Because my mom could not know.
I sit in my sandbox,
Looking at the clouds.
And free like I wish I could be.
I keep getting pushed down,
Wishing I could fight back.
I was six.

Remembering all the things he did,
I told the authorities one day.
I sit in a white room,
Lost in thought,
Wishing this was all fake.
The officers talk,
And I confide in them.
They declared they would take action right away.
I'm sitting in the cool grass,
Watching them drag my dad out of my life.
A lonesome tear falls down my face and hides in the grass.
Like someone playing hide-and-seek,
It was long gone.
I was six.

All these memories will never fade away.
All the things he did,
I will remember day and day.
He abused my mom and me,
Until the authorities hauled him out.
He took away my childhood,
So now I must go without.
I lost hope in happiness,
And I believe true love is fake.
I was six.


  • May 29, 2021

  • May 29, 2021

  • May 29, 2021

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