A Thousand And A Hundred Read Count : 50

Category : Poems

Sub Category : N/A
A thousand knives and a thousand swords
A thousand medals a thousand rewards
A thousand pains a thousand woes
Only to one man is it all owed
A hundred tears and a hundred lies
A heart so black and a soul full of flies
Carrion his creed and death his doctrine
He begs for mercy but life yet mocks him
A life for life a woe for woe
A blade for blade a soul for soul
Pay the ferryman and send him on his way
No hope for him to ever see the light of day
A cold glare in the void of his eyes
At the touch of his hands all life dies
No glory no fame no love in his heart
His tale destined to be tragic from end to start.


  • very nice...

    May 27, 2021

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