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(The screen switches to a girl who has black hair in two ponytails, brown skin, has an oval body that looks like she is 7, wearing a green shirt, blue shorts, and red sneakers. Plus she has long python tail with an arrow-shaped end)

(The girl is being chased by a bunch of policeman)

(The girl ends up on a tree)

(The police run in a different direction)

(The screen switches to the girl is hanging upside down from a tree)

The girl: Hello, I’m Kanisha, I’m a mutant.

Children (not shown): How did that happen?

Kanisha: You want to know

Children (not shown): Yes

Kanisha: Okay, gather some snacks and get ready for an interesting story.

(The screen switches to Kanisha wearing a black shirt, blue pants, and white shoes with a normal teenager body in the science room))

(Kanisha is painting models of planets and put it on a hook)

Narrator: It was pretty normal day, when everything changed

(The screen shows a meteor heading towards the school)

(The teacher is talking with a student)

(Kanisha is putting the last planet on)

(The meteor is getting close to the window)

(Kanisha is not paying attention)

(Students in the room is screaming)

(Kanisha turns around to see the meteor)

(The meteor crashes through the window and pushes Kanisha against the wall)

(The students panicked)

(The teacher runs over)

The teacher: Are you okay?

(Kanisha is unconscious)

(The meteor explodes)

(The goo of the meteor enters Kanisha’s body)

(Kanisha reawakens and looks at everybody)

(Kanisha looks at her hands)

Kanisha: I’m alive! 

The teacher: Kanisha, we need to take you to the nurse’s office 

Kanisha: I understand, after all that was way too scary 

(Kanisha notice she has a python tail and screams)

(The screen switches to Kanisha screaming in the nurse’s office)

The nurse: It’s okay 

Kanisha: Okay? (Looking angry) Okay (gets closer to the nurse’s face) okay. I have a snake tail, I don’t know about you. But, to me this is not okay, cut it off

The teacher: Are you sure, is that wise?

Kanisha: Wise? Wise? Forget about wise, nurse please cut it off

(The nurse grabs scissors and cut Kanisha’s tail)

(Kanisha sighs in relief)

(Kanisha’s tail grows back)

(Kanisha screams again)

The nurse: Hmmm... interesting (writes on a clipboard) it seems that it grows back like a lizard tail.

Kanisha: I’m stuck with this freaky tail.

The teacher: Will she be okay?

The nurse: Yeah, she is perfectly healthy, the tail is even normal for a snake tail, so sorry Ms. Kanisha, but you’ll have to deal with it. Oh, and I called your grandmother 

Kanisha: Good, I can leave (heads to the door)

The nurse (blocks the door): Wait, I want to test some things

Kanisha: Test? (Laughs) you expect me to stay to be a lab experiment as if.

The teacher: Ms. Walker, she is trying to do what’s best, you could be dangerous 

The nurse: I know you are nervous, but it’s okay, trust me

(Kanisha looked annoyed at first, then sighs and sits down)

The nurse: Thank you, now try hitting the table next to you.

Kanisha: Sure

(Kanisha hits the table with a fist)

(The table breaks)

(Kanisha looked surprised)

(The teacher and the nurse looked surprised)

The nurse (with a clipboard in her hand): So, super strength check

The teacher (looking shocked): You mean she has actually powers?

The nurse: It would appear so 

Kanisha: Say what (lasers comes out of her eyes)

(That laser melts a trophy from the nurse’s desk)

Kanisha (looks nervous): I am so sorry

The nurse: That was my trophy for being the most organized (sniffs) but, it’s okay, what’s important is making sure you can control your powers

Speaker: Kanisha Walker, your granny is here. Repeat Kanisha Walker, your granny is here.

Kanisha: Well, I have to go.

(Kanisha walks out the door with a bookbag on her back)

(The screen switches to a 60-year-old woman who has black hair, brown skin, wearing a plaid dress and heels sitting down)

Narrator: This is my granny

(Kanisha sees her and runs to her)

(Kanisha’s granny hugs Kanisha)

Kanisha’s granny: Are you okay?

Kanisha: I’m alive, but I’m scared.

Kanisha’s granny: It’s okay, let’s go to the car.

(The screen switches to them walking to a red van)

(Kanisha’s granny takes Kanisha’s hand)

(Kanisha’s heartbeat slows down and she smiles)

(The episode ends with Kanisha and her granny drive off)


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