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Willy wanker wants to see the world!
He wants to grow bigger with the help of blood 
It's his goal to be above the Horizon with the tip of his pink mushroom-head 
The nature and the living beings together with the built up, helping servant-slaves 
That's what's Willy wants to meet! 

Tired of being smothered in panties 
and crushed by male thighs
The mouth at the other end told Willy lies
Saying that the inside of a woman is all of the world 
A cotton ball 
And The universe, that is all a lie

If a cotton ball is the world 
Then the world's dark and sad 
Crying and sweating and cut off from light
but at least it's hugging Willy so tight 
til he's sharing white, sticky snow with the girl he's visitting 

Willy is a loner with no friends 
Willy is a victim of users and abusers 
Crying into a hole of a white tub
Tears we misunderstand as yellow piss 
Willy's dream's just to become a pilot! 
Judgemental tongues call him a transsexual pussy-worm! 

Willy wants to see what's outside of panties 
He's whining and begging and gettin' mad n sad
Sometimes we see a bulge between the legs 

Laying into the cake is world-betrayal and planet-destruction
Cake's hell so the hand wraps willy's throat in a plastic-bag 
The Mouth at the other end doesn't care 
Those lips moved and the tongue said: 
"the world rejected me too many times, it's just fair, the thing we do!" 

Willy is jealous and he envys his enemy, named bill pooper
'cause bill sees the stage and the lights and hears people screaming 
Bill is the fat bun with a smirk splitting his cheeks 
They often roast each other by shouting 
Wanna listen to them? 
You should listen to them! 
It's really funny but can be teeth-gnarling! 

The mouth is annoyed by now
Then it's the three, having a fight, or sometimes, searching for a solution. 


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