Reap The Cheap Treasures Of The Frightening Mouth To Let Them Rot And Decay Read Count : 77

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Sub Category : Rock
A mouth has swollen inside my fright
And it forces death-threats gnashing on my teeth-wheels
When the smirking opens
I can feel it sucking on my foggy, smokey clarity-cells
The tongue is parasitic and needy and obtrusive
and what's connected to the gums are hard and silver, iron prison-gates
My windpipe becomes an instrument and i flush the obsessive compulsive thoughts into a well

Fluffy pillows on god's windows with circus-faces all shed dark.
Heavenly pillows on god's windows nailed to racist-masks, doing blackface.

I beg they'll finally pass by.

Then knives grew from my fingers and i stabbed one cloud after another
They're Losing their rubies
The eyes melt in their Sockets by crying them out, too long.

Leave me alone, abandon me
The only reason their time's worth for is found in neglecting and rejecting my mind
I did beat my face up with my hands and hard objects just in a hope the words would entirely fade away.

Then blades became my nails and i stabbed one cloud after another
They're throwing up their inner matter
and excrement their lives, to forget all the reasons for movies, carousels and music.

the outer mirrors dissolve also
Becoming long, rainy, thin blankets
I try not to get stained.
The Law of Attraction is just Propaganda and thought-control,
Spiritual fascism,
ghostly police with White noise-alarms and religious prisons

like Church-cages.

The consequences of feeling dissapointed
And betrayed
Two ingredients for drowned food-vomit
It's chemical-infected and tastes undead
I felt like it was all my fault

I shook my head to let rapey prayers fall
They were playing concerts in the night
My eyes, leaking rain, house or melon-water
Wash the blood on my cheeks into disappearing never-pieces
They forced secrets, and i lied for them
When Mother's got the answer, she still felt like messiah to me. 


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