Mystic Creatures: Her Or Her REUPLOADED Read Count : 52

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Hazel looked at Ace then at her arm. She got up from the bed and left the room. Ace stared at the empty spot on the bed where Hazel was laying in.

Hazel sat at the table in the kitchen. She got some bandages out of the bathroom and wrapped them around her arm. They were staying at a friends house, that Ace's dad knew. A tear fell down Hazel's cheek and hit the table. She slept there for the night. Ace slept in the bed.

Morning came, Hazel and Ace talked to Ace's dad's friend on where about of Ace's mother. They left afterwards.

"Ace..." Hazel softly said walking slow.
"What?" Ace asked rudely.
"Can we take a break, and look for her later?" Hazel stopped and looked at Ace.
"But, we've been walking for hours... Its almost- 'I said no!' Ace interrupted

She stayed quiet thoughout the walk to the next city over. Hazel stopped in the middle of the road and cause a scene.
"Me or her?"
"What?" Ace turned around.
"Me or her, Ace?" Hazel snapped holding her arm covered in bandages.
"Who's her?" Ace asked facing Hazel.
"Your mother. Me or her."
"Really?" questioned Ace walking off, "let's go."
"Not until you answer my question!" cried Hazel.
"My mom!" Ace snapped looking back with his demon eye showing lighting a ring of fire around both of them.

Everyone ran in to help Hazel out. Ace kept them out by making the fire bigger and higher and hotter. He killed everyone that was already in, but Ace. Hazel took off the bandages. Ace demon eye disappeared.

"You did this to me!" cried Hazel falling to her knees.
"No I didn't," denied Ace.
"Yes you did! You gave me this scar! A scar!"
"I would never use my powers on you! I would never burn you!" Ace snapped.
"Well you did! You burned me, Ace!" Hazel cried, "you burned me because we fought."
"Well you can stay here and live your life without me, and be safe where you can't be harmed anymore," Ace cleared the fire. Hazel sat there on her knees and watched Ace leave. She saw something shinning on the ground.

After he vanished Hazel got up. She walked towards the shinning object; it was a ring. She teared up and took her ring too. Hazel went to an inn and stayed there for a night.

Ace walked into the city. He looked around, and saw a sign.

"Property of the Dragon Kingdom" Ace read aloud.

Ace kept walking deeper into the run down city. He rented a room from an inn. He stayed there for the night.
"How dare she questioned me who is important... Like its my mom, of course she's my first priority," complained Ace in his head. A knock on Ace's door. Ace got up and answered the door; a group of girls rushed in and pinned Ace down on the bed and locked the door behind them. Ace struggled to get up. He say guns and swords on the girls and saw rope. The girls set up a mini hideout inside Ace's room.

"What the..." Ace thought in his head.
"Shut up," said one of the girls," this is a mission of secrecy."
"If it's secret how come you set it up in my room?" Ace questioned burning the rope that was holding him down.
"You demon!"
"I'm angel and demon!" said Ace showing both his demon and angel eye.

After an hour of removing everything, Ace fell asleep. Morning came. Ace continued his journey to find his mom. Hazel stayed in the city where she had an argument with Ace for one more day before going back home.

"I miss you Ace"


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