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"Ace! Help me!" yelled Hazel.

Ace woke up. He glanced at Hazel sleeping next to him. He looked around making sure nothing was coming towards them. He went back to sleep.

Next day they made it to their destination. Ace and Hazel walked around for a bit, looking at the stands around.
"This kingdom is so poor."
"Are you sure my our dad's friend is here?" asked Hazel.
"Your dad," Ace paused, "and yes."

A man walked up to Hazel and grabbed her butt.
"Hey!" Hazel shouted.
"Come on baby," said the man.
"Ace! Help me!" shouted Hazel
"Fire fist!" Ace yelled, hitting the man away from Hazel. Hazel ran behind Ace, a group ran towards them with knives.
"Demon breath roar!"

Ace scorched the place, leaving dead burned humans on the ground. Hazel felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned around and fell to the ground. Ace looked back,
"Hazel! Where are you?"
"Ace! Help me!" By the time Ace saw where Hazel was it was to late, she was already gone. He followed the tracks the cart left, but he ran out of steam and collapsed into the mud.

Hours later an old man found Ace and brought him to his house. Ace woke up finally after hours of being unconscious.
"Where am I?"
"Are you Jessie's son?" asked the old man.
"Yes, but don't call me his son." answered Ace.
"I'm his friend, he told me you tapped into your demon eye and you were on your way to becoming the first in 100,000 years." said the old man.
"What does this concern you?" asked Ace getting up.
"I'm here to help you unlock your angel side, and the power to fly in both of your demon and angel form."
"Okay, let's start."
"I'll teach you during our war with the dark angels." said the old man gearing up, "let's go." They head out to the battlefield.
"Think of positive thoughts to unlock your angel side." suggested the old man running into the cloud of dust and smoke, screaming. Ace paused and thought of good things: His mom, his first day of school, his 10th birthday.

A patch of his hair turned white, his left eye turned white and blue. He charged in and began his training. White and black feathers fell around him; screams filled the air and blood stained the ground. He fought numerous dark angels, back to back. While fighting them, a scream shot at his ear drum. He stopped for a moment and heard it again, a girl was screaming. Ace was punched in the stomach then kicked to the ground. He layed there listening to the scream, figuring where the location of the screaming girl is at.
"Ace!" echoed in Ace's ear.
"Hazel..." Ace thought in his head, he slowly got up and stopped a punch.

"Where is she" he mumbled to the man.
"Where did you put her?" Ace asked again holding the man up.
"She?" Ace put two fingers on the mans forehead. He melted right through the mans head frying his brain. He tossed the man to the ground.

Ace's demon side appeared too. Half of his hair was white and the other half was red. Wings appeared on his back, angel and demon wings. Half of each. He looked around for the sound.

"Ace! Think of the ground under you is gone!"

Ace slowly began to fly, rising higher and higher. He looked around and saw dark angels flying towards him.
"Angel Shots!" yelled Ace. One by one they fell. He followed the sound of the screaming girl. He saw a person hanging by chains. He flew closer and saw it was Hazel. Her clothes were tworn.

"Hazel, I'm coming!"
"Watch out!" she screamed.
"Fire punches!" yelled Ace punching missiles one by one. Ace came out of the smoke towards Hazel, letting her free. He dropped her off at the old man's place, and gave her his shirt to cover up.
"You'll be safe here. I'm going to finish the fight." Ace took off.

Hours later, after blood and screams were shed, the fight ended. Hazel waited for Ace and the old man to return. She ran outside into Ace's arms when she saw him. He was back to his normal form.
"Thanks old man," said Ace hugging Hazel and rubbing her back.
"Ace, rude!" replied Hazel punching his bruised arm.
"No its fine." the old man said laughing.
"See, he's fine with me calling him that, don't punch me." commented Ace rubbing his arm.
"Hmph, whatever." pouted Hazel.
"Haha, have fun you two lovebirds," said the old man smiling, "and Ace, go to the next village inn for help on looking for your mother."
"Ha, we're not lovebirds, and will do. Let's go Hazel." replied Ace.
"Bye mister" said Hazel following Ace.

The old man smiled and waved back. He went inside.


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