Mystic Creatures: Underground Ring REUPLOAD Read Count : 50

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"Aahhhhh!" yelled Ace from the top of his lungs. His muscles got bigger. His right eye twitched and slowly turned into a demon eye. Lightning came down around him, energy and heat emmited off of Ace. The ground shook underneath his dad and Hazel.

Ace's dad stepped in fought him. They went back and forth, the punches were strong and powerful. Craters were being made over and over.

"Your getting stronger son."
"Ahh," yelled Ace, "don't call me your son!"
"Heh, come on son, punch harder, kick faster!" he smirked, "show me that your a demon!"

Ace started growing scale around his eyes. He punched harder, making sparks fly. He kicked faster, breaking the sound barrier over and over again. His dad blocked every last one of them. 

Hazel and her mom watched from a far.

"You two stop, in the order of the King of Gods!" Ace froze and looked over at the guards, he froze after seeing the face of the one in the front right. Ace's dad went down and talked to them. The guards and him talked for awhile, while they did that Hazel his Ace from them.

"You are under asrrest for housing a criminal!" yelled one the guards. Hazels mom rushed out the house to stop them, but she got pushed to the ground and kicked.
"Honey!" yelled Ace's dad roundhouse kicking the guard holding him back.

His eyes turned dark, his muscle grew, and scales appeared on his face and arms.
"Go burn in the hell you belong in you asses."
Dark clouds formed. A red light shined on the guards. The ground started shaking and the earth broke under their feet, eating the guards whole; closing them in.

"Ace, take Hazel and leave."demanded Ace's dad.
"But, what about you and her mom..?" asked Ace walking towards him.
"Don't worry about us. Get Hazel and leave!"
"Hazel! Say something." She stared at her dad, horrified. She teared up and fell to her knees, crying.
"Ace, the King of Gods will get her soon. Leave now, and take Hazel!"
"Let's go Hazel..." She got up and walked with Ace. He looked back, the king was there. He slaughtered the both of them. The kings eyes were red, Ace grabbed Hazel's hand and took off. Light came down.

A day passed by, Ace and Hazel went to an underground area. A fight was being held, the winner gets 250,000 coons; loser loses something they find valuable.

"Sign up Ace," suggested Hazel, "the prize is good."
"I don't have anything that's valuable to me."
"Me..." He looked back at her from the ring. She looked up, scared.
"No, I promised my da-promised your dad I would protect you!"
"To bad, I already signed you up and put me down on the list."
"For real!"

She nodded her head. The bell rang, next fight was starting. Ace against another demon. The fight began.

It was a one way fight. Ace was losing. Blood from his mouth and nose. Hazel was getting ready to accept her faith. Ace layed on the ground in his own pool of blood. He saw Hazel being touched and boys and men trying to flirt with her. He stuck his hands out for her; he was picked up and then slammed right back to the ground. A flash went through his head, a vision of Hazel.

"No," Ace grunted getting up slowly, "not letting that happen."

His right eye turned demon. Scales formed around his eyes and even more scales formed on his right cheek. He turned around and looked up,
"Give me my money and the girl back now before I kill someone."
Everyone laughed.
"Fine, laugh."

Ace's opponent swung the first punch. Ace acted fast. He grabbed the guys hand an folded it back, putting his arm behind his back. Ace threw the person out of the ring, he looked back at the boys messing with Hazel.
"Fire bullets."
Ace killed the five boys messing with Hazel. She blushed a little, she grabbed the earnings and left.
"Now since y'all wasted my time I want 100 more coons from everyone here, or I'll light this place up in an instant."

Ace came after collecting over an extra 100,000 coons.
"Where did you get all that!?" asked Hazel holding the bag full of the 250,000 coons open so Ace could put the 100,000 coon in.
"I threaten everyone in the underground ring to pay me 100 coon each. Each person payed. Killed one cause he refused to pay up." answered Ace walking away.

Hazel shook her head,
"You know you can't just do that?"
"Yeah, yeah."
"Your the weirdest person I've ever met."

Ace ignored what she said and whistled. Hazel joined in with him. They left the Kingdom of Gods and traveled to Kingdom of Humans to find clues on Ace's dad friend.

"Fuck I miss my dad already," Ace said in his head.


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