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"You're so skinny."

"You only 40kg, omg so skinny. I'm sorry, are you sure you're perfectly healthy? Bcz you're taller but only 40kg kinda...."

I could have added more line here but nah. I will share my experience about this one by one. And basically it happens all the times during interviews.

Those statements came from one person during interview session, a Managing Director or Manager perhaps, not really sure about her position. Imagine you have had an eye to eye conversation and that person spoke to you like that. How would you react towards her statement? It sounds judgeing, it also sounds rude and part of body shaming in my opinion. But at that moment I didn't react, I kept calm and try to be nice. Yes, NICE Because I need a job. Really need a job. I know it sounds stupid. But well. I didn't react also because that person was older than me. She's probably around 40s so I still showings my respect towards her and the company itself. 

My point is, wether I am 40kg, 50kg is it really a big problem for people? I meant, I apply a job. Do you REALLY CARE about my psycal appearance? Well I didn't apply as a sales or a role model. I applied as an Administrator and if she has a doubt about my medical I could give my medical check up. All she has to do just ask, not judgeing. That's rude.

Some people maybe too skinny, too fat or even too much for you to accept them as themselves. Ask yourself again. Put a mirror in front of yourself and be grateful for your look, appearance etc. Even you have different mindset for all of things. And maybe You were just part of what society been telling you.

Skinny = Unhealthy. They thought you were depressed. Have medical issues etc. 

Overweight = A Sinner because you were snacking all nights while everyone fell asleep. 

Have a tattoo = A Junkie, a bad person etc. 

Well, let me say it frankly here. I love everything about me. I appreciate every inches of my body even I got 8 shits(stitches) on my wrist, no biggie. It's a reminder how I hate society. How I was taking care of myself isn't your problem. Because I don't listen to your opinion to feed someone else's ego. Stop it.

© Vivian Lin 


  • May 22, 2021

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