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You are the true reflection of the stars that lures my sight to the beauty of the night,
You are the perfect posture of the rainbow in the sky that makes me appreciate colours,
Your simple gestures give me reasons to long for rightful words coming deep within me,
The words i shall use to define you!
Let me draw your kind to the reflection of my thought,
Let it flow within the rhythm of my muse,
Let me paint you with my words,
Let my ink spill on papyrus and cuneiform to describe you.
A chant for you that sparks up your true eulogies,
A lullaby to calm your nerve to put you to sleep,
An handful amount of cowries to bid your price,
A coin i shall pay to the boat man to sail me across to you to walk you down the aisle,
For your face is enough to behold!
No other thought reigns better in me,
Hearts may beat around but none like yours,
Faces i might have encountered  but yours is a true pattern of your smile,
In it, nothing more, nothing less.
Nothing more to behold,
Nothing less to beseech,
Nothing but a piece of true reflection of my muse,
Nothing but a complete perfection of my definition of you!
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines 


  • May 21, 2021

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