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Embracing narrowing paths closing in around to compress,

Interlacing my conscience with death as I regretfully progress,

Replacing any depth to my heart as I start to feel much less,

Facing torments of thorned spitefulness as my souls undressed,

Tracing my empty body behind that is frozen in distress,

Embracing hell wrapped in a tourniquet as the pains suppressed, 

Praising the holy gratitude of saving her within my faithfulness,

Erasing latitudes with a lost sense of self unable to repossess,

Replacing any direction with a casket and a shaky compass,

Enslaving myself to an emory darkness of her hydraulic press,

Debasing any truths with convoluted illusions of cynical success, 

Placing myself inside her handmade casket and fiery headdress,

Erasing all memories of fruitfulness for my heart cannot reassess,

Wasting away in a darkened nightmare with anguish and distress,

Blazing fires surrounding, drowning in Shallow Waters of stress,

Enslaving my entirety of self, without hope in this impossible test,

Ravaging a withering spirit that cannot escape, I did my best. 


  • Not bad, but the rhyme was a bit redundant in this poem. sometimes that works, but I did not feel like it hurt the fire of this poem more than it helped.

    May 21, 2021

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