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      What I feel could have been love to me, it's no more
love is a pain I wish to feel no more,
 I never received the same efforts I put out. 
I never received the same respect I give.
      I care for others i wish them all good things but my heart is sealed.
I learnt from the very best I can live with out a man's love, I can love my self. 
My grandmother is the greatest example of that.
I am 30 years of age and in my 30 years I have never seen my grandmother with a man it's because she knows what they give. 
Heart break leaves people depressed and confused always wondering why, always wish you had what broke your heart in the first place, our perspective on love is so toxic we don't see the wrong right under our nose 
he'll change for me we think to ourselves 
he'll become a better person for me they say mean while the only person you should be focusing on to be better is you to change is you you are your responsibility they are there's people change for themselves not for you, they change because they want to be better.
My change leaves me wanting to be alone, to not have to depend on another for my happiness what someone else wants is not my happiness what someone else needs is not my priority my change is me a better me a productive me a never relying on anyone to put a smile on my face, I'll smile all I want and make others smile while I'm smiling.
I lived 30 years of my life making myself unhappy to make others comfortable I am not guaranteed tomorrow so from now on I'll be living to make me happy living to make me comfortable who has a problem with that they know how to turn around and walk away.


  • May 20, 2021

  • May 20, 2021

  • May 21, 2021

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