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This somber relationship perpetuated in classic infinities,

Detoured by the devil's presence giving us unholy trinities,

Beautiful smile and perfect teeth and slithering lies in between,

Every ounce of pain was justified by this loves gain,

Insane to continue the path, enduring this venue of an angst wrath,

But our worlds have collided, by chance, it's her who I've confided,

As I look past every scowl, burying inside the fact I'm the fowl,

Now control digs deeper, now with the reaper thinking she's a keeper,

Bonded together by trauma, she's natural to project her drama,

But the solidarity with her emotions, such strong willed notions,

Debating on being wrong, always caving into her Sorrowful song,

Her eyes told so much truth as I was rapidly losing my youth,

Without a doubt eating her fruit, came back years later to refute,

But she understands me, as I'm drowning underwater by her feet,

Always pulling me up to breathe, understanding I'm about to leave,

Never has anyone witnessed so many deaths by a single hand,

This was her malicious ways to keep others under her command,

But when she curls over to laugh, she looks as innocent as a calf,

So I gaze outwards deeper, losing what's inwards feeling bleaker,


The innocence lost from my soul that's ravaged and tossed,

Confused from the beginning, following her for I've been accost,

To open my heart, to let the cold in and feel the numbing frost,

As I'm drowning with her again, warming up my soul to defrost,

Accepting her false realities with a dishonorable low cost,

Without closure to all of the madness, my eyes are painfully glossed,

The scars will never heal, reminder as my skins embossed, 

Of another death for true love by the double crossed. 


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