Mystic Creatures: Demon Eye REUPLOAD Read Count : 50

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Sub Category : Fantasy
The boy arrived to the kingdom his dad resided in, with his new family. He wander around for a bit, until bumping into a girl.
"Hey, watch where your going!" she snapped getting up quickly.
"My bad.." the boy replied back. He looked at the girl straight in the eye. Focusing on her.

Footsteps got louder and louder. The girl his behind the boy. She blushed and started shaking. He looked at her then looked in front of him, three big guards came up to them.
"Yes sirs, may I help you?" asked the boy, holding the girls hand behind his back.
"She is said to be jailed by the Demon King!" shouted one of the guards.
"This is the Kingdom of Gods, she is out of the Demon territory. She is protected by the people here." replied the boy back.
"If you don't give her to us, I will not hesitate to strike you down." The girl stepped aside and walked forward. The boy looked at her carefully. Tears ran down her cheeks. "I'd rather fight, than give her up like that.." The girl looked up, and back at the boy.

The Demon guards pulled their swords. The boy pulled the girl behind him. He looked up, a Demonic eye appeared in his right eye. The guards hesitate, looking at one another.
"You won this round, but next time, the boy won't be here to protect you." They left.

The girl hugged the young boy and showed him to a small house, outside the city gates. She opened the door, and he saw him. His dad.


Quietness fell upon the house. Only noise emmited was from the creeking door. The girl looked at both of them.
"Hazel, go help your mom out in the fields," demanded the boys dad.
"Go!" She left the house.

"Mom was token prisoner, and I need your help." The father looked away, he didn't say a word. "Dad, please, I need your help to get her back. Something is going on with me I don't understand.."

He still stayed quiet. The boy fell into sadness.
"I can't help you save her. Only you can, but, I can explain the eye."
"How did you know?" questioned the boy.
"The Demon eye is the first step of maturing into a half or full Demon." answered the dad, pulling his son down to a seat.

It took them an hour or two to talk.

"Son, hour basically not human.. Nor Demon. You're only part human, only reason is because you mom was human."
"If I'm only part Demon and Human, am I..?" The dad said nothing, the boy got nervous and confused and scared.

"Your Demon eye is telling that your ready to become a Demon. Ready to unlock Demon powers to use them for good or evil. Hopefully for good, Son. Soon will be wings.. As your father, you must stay with us, me, and train to learn how to control your eye and it's power. How to activate it at will and how to use it's strongest power."

Quietness once again fell in the house. Hazel and he mother came inside the house. Cutting the tension between the two boys.

"I will stay, but you're not my father until you prove to me that you are. For now, you're my teacher. Teaching me to be a Demon." said the boy getting up and leaving the house. The dad got up and stared out the open door way. He smirked a little. He closed his eyes and nodded his head, "understandable... My son."

The mom kissed the dad's cheek and whispered in his ear. He smiled at her.

"Hazel, go talk to him. Invite him back for dinner." suggested the mom.
"Yes mother," Hazel left the house and walked over to the boy.

"Hi, my name is Hazel...yours?" The boy looked at her.
"Ace... My name is Ace."


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