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Lost in the past
All of the years that I had that bad made me sad and it's such simple basic words that I'm using here
Because words are no longer strong enough 
Used to have pretty poems, pretty songs
All the words in me are lost
All the music it is lost
I know I speak but can you hear me talk?
I scream into the void, screaming to God
Bow my head in prayer, soul deep in thought
Maybe like I can't see the light he can't see the dark
Here I am, in a place I can't call home
Because my heart once belonged but now in the sky is where it roams
And I cry yet the river of tears runs dry before anyone can see
Parts of me dissappear with every lost friend, every tear. Every bad situation. Ever single frustration.
Every day it gets hard and a part of me falls off
Where do I go? 
Every piece of broken glass, every memory from the past
Where do they go? 
When they leave me here alone
Same body, different girl.
My heart was once a forest is now cut down
My mind is way too loud 
Can't even hear the calming words I try to tell myself
I am lost
So are the words on this page, the ones I can't say, my writing left unfinished
I am 


  • May 20, 2021

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