The Nanny Affair Read Count : 45

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance
We lock eyes for a long moment, the tension simmering in the air between us... I know he’s feeling the connection between us. But I can’t stop myself from my thinking, “Is he gonna say or do something about it?”

Blair Lawson is 22 years old and works as a nanny. She has a best friend called Clara. They’ve been besties for 5 years and gone  through a lot together. Blair is this kind of a person that loves to help other people by taking care of their kids. She believes that she has a long way to go in fulfilling her dream to become a successful business woman other than being a nanny. And she’s ready to prove that to her best friend Clara.

But will she be able to fulfill her dream and prove it to her bestie when she falls In love with her boss Mr Sam 
Lockwood ??? 

Find out how Blair goes through with the situation of her being in love with her boss.


  • May 19, 2021

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