Miguel 1:5-6 Read Count : 15

Category : Diary/Journal

Sub Category : N/A
1. Dear Lord, please don’t take thy Heavenly LOVE away from me just because I’m abominable. 2 For I am humble Sodom and my sister Gomorrah is in the underworld for her name is Orlando. 
3. You destroyed her because of her pride; she took no thought of you after you gave her into the enemy’s hands. 4 Their minds were twisted with no knowledge of you, so you were angry with them Oh God. 
5. But, you hated the shooter and was in great sorrow of Orlando’s passing so you killed Omar. His spirit is in great torment as the victims are in hospitals in purgatory.
6. But I Romalis, shall open every hospital gate and deliver my people from the underworld, I will free them and shut every mouth shut and the gates of Hell shall not overtake them.


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