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Yeah! I remember that you were not ready yesterday;
But are you today?
You told me that you wanna make a change one day;
But honestly do you really have a plan for at least today?
We were in a call , and you told me that you will be a change one day;
And you know what? I am waiting for that day;
But then I see you, and regularly ask you about "today?"
Tell me, do you have a certified time even for today?
If the day before today;
That is yesterday is gone and  became a past for today;
Then this "today" will also become a past and finally  "yesterday"!

But amazingly all those histories occured in that "yesterday" of some "today";
Indirectly it means that if you wanna create a history, then you only have "today"!
Infact you even don't have this today, when the sun sets and turns into another day!
But what if one fine day;
The sun really sets after the day;
And along with it, you take your last breathe and it becomes your last day?
In that case, you won't have "Today"!
In that case, you only had "yesterday"!
The expectation of getting another day;
May leave you with no other day!
The dream of doing it one day;
May take all your day!

The laziness of today;
May make you lazy on your performance day!
The carelessness of today;
May make you careless in the most carefully day!
You have lot of chance in a day;
So, please don't dance with this day!
This day can also turn into that "one day";
Don't underestimate any single day!
For this day can also be just your day!
The day when you were born, is called your birthday;
But at the same time, the day when you will die, will be your death day!
If a day is recognized as your first day,
Then always remember that, this will again be a day, when it will be your last day!

So, am asking you again today!
Are you ready today?
So, am asking you again today!
Will you make this that "one day"
So I am asking you again today!
Have you really read this "Today?"


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