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Boom!! Bang!! Crash!! 

I watch the lightning flash before my eyes 

And I came to realize that this is my life in disguise 

Dark skies and clouds of grey

Portrays my situation and feelings of dismay

Being upset at the world saying why does it have to storm today!?

As I attempt to shed light on the ordeals of life 

Soon enough all the power is out

And the flashlight is full of dead batteries 

Now I can no longer see

Asking myself why does this have to happen to me

I sit in the dark reflecting on the dark times I been through 

Once feeling like the kid afraid of the storms wonders 

Lightning strikes and thunder sounds and the covers I go under

A mother’s safety whom I depend 

Wondering will this storm ever end

As the storm begins to calm down

I realized my struggle and this storm has common ground 

The storm won’t last forever, a sunny day I shall see

The end of the struggle is coming in my life 

For a sunny day is waiting for me 


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