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The audacity of this evil portrayed, with the shameful vanity of a darkened night shade,

Carries for me the burden of everyone's pain, no wording justifies the tragedy of late,

You wouldn't know what it's like on this side, an internal glow missing taking my stride,

Falling is the only out she can see, calling for me to follow, to also make me bleed,

Her every direction intertwined with triangulations, looking for my ejection to flee these violations,

There is no soul safe, everyone is expendable, there is no Fail-Safe, I'm the last dependable,

Never has anyone within reach been able to grasp the situation, but I'll be able to teach my children how to build a solid foundation, 

So long as I avoid every bullet and find a sense of fullness, I'll persevere and prevent deaths illness,

But every attempt from this notrotious and maleficent demoness, sheds a layer of my soul feeding my hopelessness,

Any normal man in these conditions would sink in the quick sand in submission, 

Every agonizing stab from the hidden blade with tranquilizing virtues of the betrayed,

Are compartmentalized subconsciously until I realized there never was any honesty,

The intense trauma as past torments revisited, bereavement from karma is what I've lived in,

Staring the snake behind the veil in the eyes, I lost my brakes as heaven and hell would collide, 

My bad decisions with good intentions, I lost religion taking the demoness inventions,

Mind control to place a hold on my withered soul, she rolls with crooked dice to find the honest one who's nice,

Unable to believe I'm meant to be in this place, I'm dragging my coffin with me just in case,

The point of living life with her contradicts, the darkest corner of a failed relationship,

I've lost myself holding the immense weight of Jezebel the great, her sickening intentions sealed my fate,

I'll never be whole again, taking my heart being inhumane, showering my soul in acid rain, unable to trust nor regain, while she's drunk on champagne,

Her affliction comes from her illness, she'll never have any goodness, not with Clandestine Ruefulness, now I'm just protect my children from her awfulness. 


  • beautifully tragic

    Apr 10, 2021

  • Apr 10, 2021

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