The Words Of A Broken Heart Read Count : 72

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My chest aches at the realization that while you may be my rock, I was your pebble to skip across the waters glass surface. 
My sunshine, moon, and all the stars is cradled tightly in my arms. 
While you find your happiness elsewhere. 
It was never my light that lit up your world, it was the idea of a fairytale that doesn’t exist. 
Though it could have, had you loved me from the start. 
Instead you held onto darkness. 
To a girl who broke your heart. To a substance that will kill you. 
My light was never bright enough to break through, it was dim from the start. 
I was just a distraction, already broken apart. 
He saves me everyday, while you pull further away. 


  • Apr 10, 2021

  • Apr 10, 2021

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