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They'll admit it for some reason; stay away from people with any of these paint colors.

1 Accuweather (full-fire)

2 Bmostleading (full sadness)

3 Deaffunk9 (full-brightness)

4 DeafFunk7 (plasticsz?!) 

5 FfMommmnmnmoney (full deafness)

6 Ftealoverlay 4 (full-going-away)

7 Gblack (flammability)

8 Ghawk (full-smell-smelly)

9 Hilttertopz (blink-hurt)

10 Topcoat W H I T E (burning)

11 Topcoat White (the front side) [broken]

12 Topcoat WHite (the back side) [peacocklessness]

13 _B_L_A_C_K (flammability)

Remember to ALWAYS ASK-SLASH-TELL them about MONEY before or EVEN AFTERWARD; after stayng in your OWN CONDITION  no longer worry ABOUT THEIR'S,.. that is all.

Even if from far away they'll still hear you; I swear.

Other paints just be really really gross an edible (WOULDN'T EVER DO IT) in a perpousful way; or they dry away becoming an edible bead or flake of like-paint (THAT'S SO NASTY, like-paint expands and becomes sour-paper-water-like.

DON'T EVER eat or store paint ANYWHERE WITH or IN the body, okay.

The rest of the colors be of danger as well but in a horrible ENSAFED and UNFORGETTABE way; I'd swear.


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