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Another spring has arrived
It's time to start a garden
The rain will soon come
It will we just dont know when

Fresh soil for the flower bed
And some seeds to start
A tiny bit of water helps
Both together play a part

Growing up to the sun
They stretch their leaves
Hoping for some light
To be ready for the bees

Veggies and flowers both
Look for rain and sun
Helps them grow healthy
We're happy when it's done

Flowers are aromatic
And pleasant to view
Veggies are very tasty
And taste great in stew

And also the nice fruit
Which need rain and light
Fruit salad is so good
Flavour in every single bite

Fruits veggies and flowers
And trees produce oxygen
Help us breathe clean air
Without them it's the end

Plant a flower soon
Grow some tomatoes
A very nice shade tree
Stay happy and watch them grow


  • Apr 10, 2021

  • Lovely poem

    Apr 10, 2021

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