The Twins: Episode 2- Huǒ Read Count : 23

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
I broke through my restraints. I was filled with adrenaline and anger, I didn't know then but I was scaring myself. I roared in anger and started attacking everyone in the room with me.

"Where is she!" I roared in anger. The scientist looked at me like I was a monster. Men in extra padded suits came rushing in with staffs emitting electricity. They started stabbing me with the staffs, it only made me angrier.

Here it comes, everything going blank. It was cold and dark during that blank moment. Then I felt warmth. And I heard a scream. A soft scream. I opened my eyes and sat up, fire was all around me. Bodies were around me, the men in the padded suits were gone but one. I crawled over to them and removed their helment, a girl. I looked around, all the scientist were gone too. I looked at myself I was on fire too, but it didn't hurt.
"Huǒ!" Yelled the soft voice again. My eyes widen, Huǒyàn was standing in the door way of the burning room.
"Huǒyàn, stay there I'll come to you-" I stood up.
"What about them, bring them too!" She cried out. I looked down, I was hesitant. Huǒyàn was waiting for me, to get the girl, and to leave.

"Huǒ!" Huǒyàn yelled. I came to, picked up the unconscious girl and grabbed Huǒyàn's arm and left.

The building started falling all around us. We ran quickly to an exit that we could find. With all the smoke it was hard to see. I didn't know about Huǒyàn, but at the smoke didn't bother me, as in breathing of course. My sight didn't vary well in the smoke. We found an exit. We were lucky too, as soon we left the burning building, it an explosion went off and the entire building came down fast.

I didn't know what happened after, I blacked out.


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