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Headphones are made only one way and could easily be made or become other things.
They are made of 6 wires touching then they are burnt together into a line (1);  as the single line is seen trough a viewer by a nigger and a Hippies.
Hippies are a noisier group than it looks, and you'd know it by the eco they set off of EACH and EVERY jack SET in each and every ITEM WITH 1 in a lazy scanner-like way.
The jack is then completed onto the line and sauderd on with the completions yell of the accompanying nigger.
The party then proceeds to glare at the Hippies to imagine them more as one person.
As this tactic works almost, the headphones hear them; and in disgust turn sour.
Making the rest of the known headphone assembly; jack to wire, to full overlaying plastic holding cottons of a rubber-like disgust and leather-like consistency to molds called : ' of half ear-world '.
Oddly enough sold in original molding and original molt.
It's very nice in a conditioning and conditional way.
Has very few set backs.
Bad quality and the ability ensewn into them at the store by another team-up of niggers and a Hippies.
Making it so others can make your ears hear your own ears screaming:  ' " ' ' ears hears ' ' " '; making your ear or ears itch where you feel you suck or funnel noises into them in a beveled or beveling way.
I swear that what playing that to the ears near something or anything would do is make a supposed part that's NOT GETTING hit with noises itch.

Besides this annoyance, headphones are so nice and nice feeling; no matter what... ..especially fully around and touching the ears.

With a gracious exspense felt and such a disrespect still around these headphones should get a 5/10 for SAFE sound quality in a NORMAL place or situation and in THE REAL WORLD get a 0/10 for datelyness and true decompatability because of it's individualized one perouposefull use.
I'll remind that people actually do make your ears itch following you in line as Hippies to run niggers against you from store to home as unnatural-terrorist.

0/10 for it; pretty EASY TO FIX THough.!


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