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" ..Toy Story one, I just don't belive anyone else will ever watch it; it's so sad in some noisy way and you all would've talked about it.
It must be made for me to see and you to play with.
This movie is SAD ENOUGH to kill someone in my opinon and I would expect anything greater in sequels because the people who made this evil voyeristic-all-involved kids movie will be JUST HANGING OUT LIKE they promiseD.
(Promise: [At Cids [[Sids?]] houses only out of the window camera-shot on the bottom left without-slide-show{new word seen and gained.!}.]). "

Brave Master (1997)

" How dare you film Toy Story 2 this way, the whole way; the JUST HANGING OUT way I know I MENTIONED.
This movie is perpousfully shot uncomfortably far away enough to MAKE THE wHOLe MOVIE scary looking and unwatchable.
Still has the original soundtrack and they admit their trying to KILL YOU the entire movie with almost a sentence about it top right or left.
No matter what theatrical or home version like I know happened.
(The zooming back out 2nd appearance of Mister Potatohead; like the 8th sentence.)."

Brave Master (2001)

" You must LOVE to make Toy Story movies for ME and YOU this way.
Toy Story 3 is so horribly funny.
Beginning to end it's made and filmed off of 'sex-BONDAGED' 3 dimensional ScoobyDoo costume guys(?) trying to look like they're from REAL LIFE and need help or something like it.
They kept the HOMICIDAL soundtrack AND ADMIT they are SAD THEY can not create ANOTHER, WISHING to make IT(the original Toy Story sondtrack) and THEM [said only in text; well worded as : 'THEY DREAMS'.] better at ' " "making things sad like this" " '.
(Happening [ The second appearance of Little Boe Peep and Lil' Boe Peep without their Sheep{seen and know as someone elses toys missing peices}] by the end of the first 10 minutes /includes any previews as well. \Truth-be-told by Mister Potatohead's 3rd appearance.\/.) "

Brave Master (2010)


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