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Allow me to take a tour in your soul, 
Let me place my feet on the foundation of your heart, 
And take a look at the paintings of your face, 
Perhaps, I can tell what is left to be made. 
Your hair needs a glam of patches, 
Your skin will need to be white washed, 
The floor beneath your feet needs to be well pedicured, 
And your fingerprints on your interiors must be manicured. 
This I found after a deep survey of your deepest self, 
I found the potential in the depth of your passing, 
From the body who knows not her own very essence. 
I will be mindful of your hurtful memories, 
So as not to become another chapter of stories, 
I will tread carefully, lest I crumble your left overs. 
I shall race my hands on your skin and bones, 
To renovate this body, to remold this building covering your soul, 
Making the old, anew again. 
Not by loosing your own very essence, 
But to expose your old beauty with a new accessories. 
Slow and steady,  we will raise the weakened walls of your heart. 
And in that pace, two hearts will become one. 
And your broken heart, damaged soul and weakened bodies, 
Will soon become, a home again. 
Indeed,  a home away. 
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines 


  • Apr 09, 2021

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