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What's a little love without a little war
Isn't love a battlefield after all?
Tell me then, what is love?
Because I sure don't know
Besides what has been instilled from days of old

My dragon have I tamed
To deal with those who claim
To love me wholeheartedly
 It can see through the heart of many which in turn
Those who are true may enter while those who deceive will be burned

Some have tried
And some have been burned alive
So tell me, are you true?
To walk through the door if you choose
If not, best if you be on your way before my dragon decides to burn you

Trust me there is no animosity
It's just a way to safeguard the pieces of my broken heart from curiosity
Curiosity can kill
It weighs the heart without measure
Sometimes it's best to not take from forbidden treasure

However, I don't need saving anymore
I have my dragon to help me soar
Up into the sky
Far away into uncharted lands
Where I can roam free from unwanting hands

Hands that no longer want to deal with the broken pieces, how cowardly
Pieces that I myself wil put together valiantly
I never needed a Knight in Shining Armor
I just needed a friend whom I could rely on 
To love deeply and show me the warmth of the sun

Despite it all, I still love you
My love for you is true
Though it has grown rather cold
In the end, fate will bring us back together again
If it's meant to withstand the rain


  • Wonderful write. Great piece.

    Apr 09, 2021

  • Apr 09, 2021

  • Lovely

    Apr 09, 2021

  • Apr 09, 2021

  • Apr 16, 2021

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