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Debt consolidation rolls into a single payment of various debts. If your debt is not unreasonable, it will work because you have good credit and a strategy to keep your debt in check. It might be a good idea for you if it is possible to get a lower interest rate.

How are Debts Consolidated?

There are two main ways to consolidate debt, all of which rely on one monthly bill for your debt payments. However, to apply, you would probably need good credit:

Have a zero percent interest, balance- credit card move –shift into this card all your debts and pay in full during the promotional period

Have a fixed-rate debt consolidation loan – to pay off the mortgage, use the money from the loan, and pay back the loan in installments over a fixed period

When is Debt Consolidation a Smart Move?

●	Among the needs required for success with a consolidation strategy are:
●	Your cumulative mortgage excluded debt does not exceed 40% of your gross revenue.
●	Your loan is excellent enough to apply for a 0% credit card or loan consolidation for low-interest debt.
●	You got a way to avoid the debt building up again.
●	Your cash flow regularly meets financial obligations.

Consolidation unveils a light at the end of the tunnel for several individuals. If you take a loan with a period of three years, you know that it will be paid off in three years, assuming you make your payments on time and control your expenditure.
If consolidation makes sense, here's a scenario: assume you have four credit cards with interest rates ranging from 36.99% to 48.99%. Your payments are always made on time, so your credit is acceptable. At 7 percent, you could apply for an unsecured debt restructuring loan at a slightly lower interest rate.

When is Debt Consolidation not Worth it?

Consolidation does not work under all conditions. It does not tackle excess spending patterns that, in the first place, generate debt.

When the debt burden is minimal, you can pay it off at your rate in a few months or even a year. In this case, there is no need to consolidate.

How to Become Debt Free

There is a solution for your unending debts. If you are deep in debt and need to reorganize multiple bills with different interest rates, payments, and due dates, debt consolidation is the best approach. Contact Encompass Recovery Group and get a debt consolidation plan which will help you become debt-free.


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