( Manan ) Me, You, And I Read Count : 17

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Chapter 1 

Nandini: 18 year old she studies in space college. She had feelings for manik malhotra but he broked up with her on Valentine’s Day but they didn’t fully break up. Has 5 guy bestfriends her only friends. She dated parth samthaan for 4 years but he broked up with her for some reason. Hates nyonika and she also hates her mother kamolika because she cheated on nandinis dad with harshad sexena. Has a give an take relation with kamolika. Calls her kamolika instead mom. Hates alya because she dated manik also hates mukti because of her abhi sucided. Music is her second love after her friends. Richer than nyonika and manik.
Had her first kiss and it was not manik it was parth and she has been in a physical relationship with parth too.

Armann: Love his friends in love with mukti singer rich
Music is his passion.

Ayan: love his friends in love with food amazing singer. Single and rich 

Aryanmann: love his friends. Brilliant singer. In love with music. Rich

Parth: love his friends more than veebha. Use to date nandini she was his first kiss and got physical with her too but now he doesn’t have any feelings for her. He didn’t tell nandini about veebha and why he broke up with her. He broked up with her because veebha replaced nandini and he didn’t tell her because she would feel insecure. Rich

Kamolika: nandinis mother. Owner of many companies in Mumbai. Owner of S.P.A.C.E college. Wife of raj murthy 
Cheated on him for harshad and now regrets but in a give and take relation with nandini. Hates nyonika due to her past wants to distroy nyonika malhotra. 
Very very rich and she is richer than nuonika and manik.l


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