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Are you devastated by high-interest debt on your credit card ? You’re not on your own. The typical credit card debt is nearly $6,200, and Americans, usually, have four credit cards. Consolidating those debts into one, can ease the process of paying a single bill each month instead of juggling three or four expenses with dissimilar due dates.

Nonetheless, can you obtain a debt consolidation loan with bad credit? It can be tough to obtain consolidation loans if you have bad credit, but you have options. Here’s the information you need on how to get a consolidation loan with poor credit.

Advantages of debt consolidation loans
When considering how to get a consolidation loan with poor credit, take into account these advantages:

• Lower interest rates
If you meet the requirements for a debt consolidation loan with a lower rate of interest than you’re having on your credit cards and other loans, you may be able to reduce your monthly payment and repay your debt faster.
• One payment, one due date
Consolidating many monthly expenses into one makes it easier to evade late and missed payments, which can damage your credit score further.
• Defined loan terms
Debt consolidation loans usually have specified monthly payments and well-defined repayment periods. Therefore, if you take out a one-year loan and make payments as planned, you can be free of debt in 24 months – on condition that you don’t go on using credit cards or applying for other loans.
Disadvantages of debt consolidation loans
• Origination fees
This is an upfront fee that a creditor charges to cover the rate of dispensing your loan. The rate may vary from 1% to 5% of the loan total, so it can speedily eat into the savings you get from obtaining a lower rate of interest on your loan.
• Prepayment penalties
Some creditors charge an advance penalty to ensure their revenue if you settle your loan in advance. The prepayment consequence may be a fraction of the original loan sum or a proportion of the remaining balance. Take this into account when considering how to get a consolidation loan with poor credit.
• May lower your credit score

When you ask for a debt consolidation loan, the creditor will complete a hard inquiry on your credit account. A tough inquiry can at first cause your credit score to drop by five to ten points. Nevertheless, your score will typically bounce back in a few months, assuming everything else in your credit past stays positive.


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