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Another spring with another habit,
 I thought we would be free,
But we are tied up and tired.  

The same sun with the same sky,
 The stars remain motionless, 
I almost lost my faith after I started
 To see things as they really are,
And that makes me remain silent
 In front of the talkative mouths.

 Another year with a different fashion, 
A different love but with a similar story.
I am a different person but I remember
 Who I was even if I was wrong and fragile.

  I don't have another heart, 
I always use the same one, broken, sad.
  My eyes are looking for something
 That is not easy to find,
But it is true and sweet and blue,
 I will be lucky if I can find it soon.


  • Apr 16, 2021

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