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The cascading meteors raining upon our self created hell,
Mendacious bullets littered the ground with evil shells,
Collapsing buildings of futures built upon the ground that swells,
Mixing realities from her narcissistic deceit in pastel,
Self induced screams from pain revisited in the lowest decibels,
She relishes the chaos of giving our world a disastrous farewell.

The lives envied from our shared genes,
Torn asunder with her maliced vaccine,

The nurturing cure for her as an empath,
Taken for granted and ravaged By her wrath,

This world we created only to be destroyed, 
Has my emotionally underrated and unemployed,
The self destruction was her production,
For the addiction wasn't an assumption,
It was a volcanic eruption from her corruption.

The only foundation left made of egg shells,
Is a painful reminder of our life's broken stairwell,
The disaster pieces only create images of infidels,
Painting a picture of the dark triad on her citadel.

This has always been a scorched soul population in a blackened environment,
No regrets for her sociopathic ways carries her away in a lifeless Embodiment,
No shame because her machiavellianism carried a selfish grandiose entitlement,
Pain afflicted chosen by her traits in sadism, for she loved her emotional violence,
Overtaking the thin air in mind bending nitrogen that has our world spiraling,
And the most dreadful and frightening aspect is that she will someday be parenting.


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